Our products have demand in the American, Canadian, Central and South American, European and Far Eastern markets. We use the most efficient distribution channels to reach our customers.

MAS Melons Distribution Centers

In addition to our Mexico Branch, MAS Melons & Grapes opened a Japanese branch which has been running successfully since 2001. Our office in Japan is essential in providing efficient communication and in overcoming cultural barriers in order to better serve our international customers.

Wordwide delivery to your facilities

We use a strategic international logistics system to deliver our product from our fields to you and your customers in an efficient and timely manner.
Our products are shipped and protectively packed to keep them in optimal conditions. The transportation used depends on your location, and in every case only state of the art equipment is used in order to ensure successful delivery.
We use charter airfreight and commercial airlines with capability to load and fly from various airports within the United States to international airports worldwide.
For ocean voyages we use the best temperature controlled cargo containers. To ensure the successful transport of fruits from the time the fruit is harvested and pre-cooled, it is placed in carefully monitored refrigerated containers, which are sealed in the fields and not opened until they reach their destination, thus ensuring the prime condition of your product.